Meet the Team

Anna - Office Manager


Anna grew up in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and her love of snowboarding brought her to Colorado in 2006. After working in the Snowsports industry and chasing the snow for a few years, she settled into a front office position at Dillon Family Dental where she gained experience providing administrative support for various general dentists and specialists. She moved to the Denver area to attend nursing school but found that she preferred the administrative side of healthcare.

Anna is motivated to provide an excellent patient experience for all that come to our office and demonstrates this by kindness, transparency, and educating patients about their dental insurance benefits and financial options. She is proud to be a part of a team that truly wants the best outcome for every patient that is seen in our office.

Anna has a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and Management, holds a CNA license, and is CPR/BLS and DAANCE certified. In her spare time, Anna enjoys watching football and soccer, hiking, cooking, reading, reality TV, spending time with family and friends and of course, Rizzo, her basset hound/dachshund mix.

Hannah - Surgical Assistant 


Hannah is an oral surgery assistant that has been with the practice for 2 years and is DAANCE and phlebotomy certified.

Hannah is a Colorado native, and has no plans of leaving the beautiful state. In her free time she enjoys camping, snowboarding, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Hannah takes every opportunity to make all of her patients comfortable and relaxed. The dental chair is not a place people want to be, but Hannah makes the process as enjoyable as possible.

Hannah is a patient of Dr. McLain’s, and is currently in the process of getting a dental implant. Hannah can relate to the common fears and anxieties that come along with oral surgery, and is happy to share her experience with you!

Missy - Surgical Assistant


Missy is a surgical assistant for Dr. McLain. With a career spanning 4 years in the field, she has found her true calling and never looked back. Missy has obtained certifications in DAANCE and phlebotomy. 

One of Missy's greatest joys is ensuring that patients feel as comfortable as possible during their time in the dental chair. She takes pride in her ability to create a soothing and relaxed environment, putting patients at ease throughout their treatment. Alongside her dedicated teammates, Dr. McLain, Anna, and Hannah, Missy is committed to providing the highest level of care and striving for perfection in every aspect of patient experience.

Missy's primary focus is always the best interest of patients. She understands that each individual comes with unique conditions, stresses, and questions, and she is dedicated to addressing them with the utmost care, attention and professionalism. With her unwavering confidence in Dr. McLain's expertise and the team's genuine concern for our patients' well-being, Missy ensures that every patient feels at ease and receives the highest quality treatment.

Outside of work, Missy enjoys working on crochet projects, capturing moments through photography with her boyfriend, and exploring the scenic landscapes of Colorado through camping trips. Missy also confesses to indulging in her favorite reality TV shows during her downtime.